Gabriel Omar

The Team

The project’s
strength is

The intimacy
of the story...

We have conceived, risked, dreamed with courage, as often happens in the cinema, an idea capable of telling a unique story in a unique way. This was the strength of SenseMedia, to be a second family, a reality capable of experiencing history in a personal rather than a common way, to tell the legend of a man before a football player, Gabriel, the man, for all the "Lion King".



A camera,
a mental journey...

With Bati in the
places of his
own story



The Crew,
a family

Beyond the professionalism of the individuals: a group called to live the filmic process with great emotional and sentimental exposure.

A reduced crew to maintain a familiar sense for more than a year. In order to live, throughout the production, fully involved with the story and its protagonists, with the effort to observe and experience every single detail that was filmed..

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